Edgerton School District

Oct 11, 2022 | Business Directory, Government & Education

Edgerton School District

Address: 200 Elm High Drive

Phone Number: (608) 561-6100

Email: [email protected]

Hours: M-F 730a-4p; S-S closed

Website: https://amsolutionswi.com/

Our Campus

The Edgerton School District is comprised of approximately 68 square miles centered around the City of Edgerton, plus all or parts of the Rock County Townships of Center, Fulton, Janesville, Milton and Porter, as well as portions of Albion and Dunkirk Townships in Dane County and Sumner Township in Jefferson County. Community Elementary School, Edgerton Middle School and the Edgerton High School are located on an attractive 60+ acre campus on the north edge of the City of Edgerton. Yahara Valley Elementary School is an outlying campus on Raymond Road in Porter Township.

Our Facilities

The Edgerton School District has enjoyed a history of well-maintained facilities and a quality education for the children in its community. New housing developments, a friendly rural atmosphere and ready access to Madison and Janesville have attracted many new families.

Elementary age children attend either the Community Elementary School on the main campus or Yahara Valley Elementary School, which is located 15 minutes southwest of the city. Community Elementary School houses Early Childhood-5th grades and Yahara Valley Elementary School houses 1st-5th grades. Four-Year-Old Kindergarten classes are also offered at the following off-campus locations:

–         Central Lutheran Pre-school

–         Creative Arts Class, LLC

–         Edgerton Children’s Center

–         St. John’s Little Saints Learning Center

The Edgerton Middle School is an earth sheltered, energy efficient building. The circular portion houses the library and content classrooms. The music, art, technology and consumer labs surround a large area that includes a full-sized gym and student commons.

The Edgerton High School has benefited from a multitude of improvements and the classroom and athletic facilities are in stellar condition. Facilities include the three-court field house and varsity gym, pool, seven tennis courts, an eight-lane track and quality baseball and softball fields.

We are very proud of our excellent facilities and the opportunities they provide to our students, Edgerton residents and surrounding communities. We welcome visitors who want to check us out!

Our Students

Our students are a continual source of pride. They have netted top awards in academics, music, art and athletics. Elementary students distinguish themselves in their school projects at the county fair. Middle school students win honors with the Presidential Awards for Academic Excellence, plus music solo and ensemble festivals.

Many clubs and organizations enrich the lives of our middle and high school students. Students are involved in civic functions as community volunteers and are active with environmental and political issues. Edgerton High School graduates have distinguished themselves in a wide variety of professional fields.


Approximately 1,875 students are enrolled in the Edgerton School District.

Professional Staff

The District’s professional teaching staff  includes special education, art, music and physical education teachers. Staff place children’s needs as their number one priority, and are constantly striving to improve methods and teaching techniques to make their classrooms centers of “thinking and doing.” The District has a mix of seasoned and new teachers, with more than half holding Master’s Degrees.

Much time and effort has helped align curriculum to the Wisconsin State Teaching Standards and to help children with the thinking skills necessary to perform well on the Wisconsin Knowledge and Concepts Exam-Criterion Referenced Test (WKCE-CRT) given in grades 3rd-8th and 10th.

Talented & Gifted (TAG) Program

This leadership program includes a key teacher at each building and a K-12 committee. A wide array of enrichment opportunities are offered by the classroom teachers and through pull-out groupings. A policy exists for content area and full-year acceleration. Many high school students take advantage of Advanced Placement courses and Post Secondary Options, a program which pays for college courses while students are still in high school.

Special Education Services

Students with disabilities participate to the maximum extent possible in the academic, non-academic and extracurricular aspects of the general education programs. Teachers, psychologists, occupational therapists, physical therapists, speech and language pathologists, social workers, school counselors, support staff, parents and administrators work together to discover creative solutions to the academic, emotional and social problems faced daily by students with special educational needs.


We are committed to remaining up-to-date with technological developments in a managed, measured and proactive way for the benefit of students and staff. A technology K-12 curriculum is in place for all students, and teachers have learned to incorporate technology into instruction in ways that enhance thinking and learning.

Summer School Program

    • Classes include languages, drama, computer, art, technology, vocal music, writing, math and science.
    • A “Jump Start” program for recommended Kindergarten-8th students prepares them for the next grade level.
    • Interested middle school students are bussed to the “Tech-Knowledge College” sponsored by Blackhawk Technical College in Janesville.
    • High school for-credit classes are typically offered in English and Social Studies. Other courses may be offered for elective credit based on student interest and enrollment.
    • Many students have taken advantage of off-campus offerings of various camps and programs throughout the state and nation. Some have taken high school and/or college level classes over the summer and received high school credit.
    • During a student’s high school career, he/she has the opportunity to participate in spring or summer international travel through tour companies.