Swifthaven Community

Oct 13, 2022 | Business Directory, Health Care, Personal Services & Care

Swifthaven Community

Address: 124 Henry Street

Phone Number: (608) 884-2820

Email: [email protected]

Hours: Mon-Sun 7a-5p

Website: https://www.swifthaven.com/

Type of business:
Residents live in their own apartments, furnish them as they please and come and go as they choose. To these essentials, assisted living adds around-the-clock caring. Residents can get help whenever they need it – with medications, bathing, and dressing. Meal preparation, housekeeping service, transportation, and social activities are all part of this lifestyle.

The goal is to meet each person’s needs, even as those needs change, maximizing independence for as long as possible. At Swifthaven, we strive to promote independence, preserve dignity and offer choices that lead to happier living.

The privacy of individual apartments within an active community. The freedom to come and go as they please with the peace of mind that

comes from a secure environment. The comfort of their own home, with the reassurance of assistance on the premises around-the-clock.

The assisted living environment is more than housing. The facility makes it possible for residents to continue living comfortably in their own apartment even as their condition changes. Sensitive support is offered to residents who need additional care.


This can include:
• Restorative care after an accident or illness
• Limited Nursing Services such as dressing changes, blood pressure, monitoring, and medication management.
• Assistance with diabetes management